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Incident in the campaign office of Levan Gogichaishvili, Georgian Dream’s majoritarian candidate

On September 19, Irakli Kobakhidze, Executive Secretary of Georgian Dream, made a statement that, in the early morning of September 19, activists of the United National Movement – two of whom were representatives of the campaign headquarters of Sevdia Ugrekhelidze – had entered the campaign office of Levan Gogichaishvili, a majoritarian candidate of Georgian Dream, wearing Georgian Dream T-shirts and carrying firearms. According to Mr. Kobakhidze, the said individuals intended to make a video that would show that people with criminal mentality gathered in the Georgian Dream headquarters. The Executive Secretary of Georgian Dream also stated that activists of Georgian Dream who were at the headquarters called the police and the police studied the situation on the ground.  

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Unlawful campaigning

 According to a Gurianews report, on October 19 this year, Bela Shatirishvili, a representative of the Head of the Municipal Administration of Chokhatauri in the village of Shua Amagleba, took part in election campaigning during working hours.   

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Use of administrative resources

In one of the buildings in the town of Lanchkhuti, Lanchkhuti Municipality, which houses several non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entities (N(N)LEs) of the Lanchkhuti Municipality, we have observed election campaigning materials posted on the doors to the rooms of N(N)LE Tekservisi (director – Irakli Chkhaidze). The campaigning materials are stickers of political association Georgian Dream featuring circled number 41.

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Collection of personal information of voters and exertion of indirect influence on their will

 According to the information the GYLA has received from various sources, representatives of political parties are recording the personal data (name, surname, personal number) of voters without explaining the purpose of collecting these data. It is particularly important that the target groups of these individuals are socially vulnerable people, ethnic minorities, and IDPs

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About GYLA’s observation mission

The election campaign for the 2016 parliamentary elections officially started on June 8. The observation results presented in this information bulletin cover the period from June 8 to September 10, though, in some cases, we have also included information about developments before June 8 which are related to electoral processes.  

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Fine on political grounds

Due to the aforementioned, the UNM activists were summoned and interrogated in the Kobuleti police station. During the interrogation, police officers explained to them that they had violated Subparagraphs I and II of Article 150 of the Code of Administrative Offences which provide for penalties for defacing the appearance of a city/town.

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Cases of pressure and threats/intimidation

On August 22, 2016, Rashid Musaev, head of the campaign headquarters of the Nino Burjanadze – Democratic Movement political party in the Gardabani Municipality, who lives in the village of Birliki, Gardabani Municipality, approached the Rustavi office of GYLA

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Detention on allegedly political grounds

On August 23, at 12 A.M., members of the youth organization of the UNM, first Mikheil Lukhava and then Aleksandre Adamia together with his underage cousin, were detained in the street. As one of the detainees pointed out in a conversation with GYLA representatives, after determining the age of his cousin, police officers got him off the car, and transferred the rest of the detainees first to the patrol police station and then to the criminal police office. They were finally taken to the drug test center of Senaki where the young people refused to take a urine test. The detainees were released 12 hours after the detention. Their rights are being protected by Beka Basilaia, a majoritarian candidate of the UNM.   

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Problems related to staffing of precinct election commissions

GYLA monitors are observing the staffing of precinct election commissions (PECs). 

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