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Statement of Georgian Young Lawyers Association on events ongoing in Kvareli

2023-05-20 15:30
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Information obtained from public sources indicates that the daughter of Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, is reportedly present in Georgia along with accompanying individuals. It is important to note that Lavrov and his family are among the first individuals on the list of sanctioned persons, alongside Vladimir Putin.

Civil activists protest in the vicinity of Kvareli Lake. As can be seen from the publicly disseminated information, employees of the Special Tasks Department are mobilized at the entrance of the Kvareli Lake Hotel, and at 12:07, according to reports, water jet vehicles and police convoys were heading towards Kvareli.

It is alarming that the footage shows how the media is interfered during the coverage of the events. In particular, information is spread about both signal suppression and recording equipment, in particular, telephones confiscation/other interference.

The footage also shows the facts of degrading treatment of administratively detained persons by the police. According to current information, up to 10 activists have been arrested.

Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association calls on the law enforcement officers:

- not prevent the media from carrying out professional activities;

- not to use violence against peaceful demonstrators and not to allow the practice of illegal administrative detention;

Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association calls on the special investigative service:

- To study in a timely manner and respond appropriately to the facts of media representatives being interfered with in their journalistic activities, both in individual cases and the fact of the possible installation of signal suppression equipment.

GYLA continues to monitor current events.