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Threats against Samira Bairamova must be stopped in time

2022-03-17 13:19
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Civic activist Samira Bairamova has become a threat target by a violent, pro-Russian group over her protests. GYLA represents and protects her rights.

On March 14, Samira Bairamova protested the opening of the office of the Conservative Movement, a political party founded by Alt-Info in Marneuli, by the non-violent act, painting Ukrainian and EU flags on the facade of the office. In doing so, she demonstrated her opposition to the functioning of the Kremlin's ideological party in Georgia. Her protest was followed by threat-containing messages from the violent group on the social network. On March 16, members of the radical group recorded a video address in Marneuli containing a threat in its form and content. In the video address, the violent group depicts the repainting of the party symbol, a religious symbol - as an insult to the cross, thus attempting to turn the protest against the pro-Russian party into a confrontation with the Christian religion. The party flag/poster, which may contain a cross-shaped painting, does not make it a religious symbol. Such an interpretation is unacceptable and dangerous.

It is known at this time that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation under Article 151 of the Criminal Code, paragraph “e” (threat). However, the violence organized by this same group on July 5-6 and public call for such action have gone unpunished so far, which diminishes confidence in the investigation and encourages the actions of the violent groups. In parallel, the Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated an administrative violation case against Samira Bairamova and drew up a report under the article of defacing the appearance of the building.

GYLA calls on the investigative body:

• Take appropriate measures to protect the safety of Samira Bairamova;


• Make a clear statement that the actions of the violent groups will not go unpunished;


• Investigate all threat-containing episodes promptly and identify responsible persons.