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GYLA will defend Natia Kapanadze's interests in Court

2019-04-30 10:07
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On April 30, 2019, at 11:00, a press conference was held at GYLA Batumi office on the issue of declaring distrust of former director of Public Broadcaster of Adjara TV and Radio.

Natia Kapanadze addresses Batumi City Court today and demands: to invalidate the decision taken on the issue of distrust of her, to restore her on her position, to reimburse her for forced absence and to invalidate the competition announced on the position of the director.

At the press conference, the arguments were announced, that the claims of the former director of the Public Broadcaster of Adjara TV are based on:

- The Board of Advisors made the decision of declaring distrust to the director with violation of procedural norms. In particular, the decision must have been made by open and not secret ballot.

- In the course of making the decision, the Board of Advisors did not examine any basis of voting for declaring of distrust. One of these proofs is the conclusion of an external audit adopted on April 25, 2019, which was prepared on April 11, which indicates that the organization does not have any financial problems. This document was adopted by the Board of Advisors after declaring distrust and not before.

- In the reports of the Board of Advisors of 2017 and 2018, there is no indication that the organization's director or the organization itself has any problem.

- According to the results of an external audit of 2017 and 2018, the organization has no financial problems.