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GYLA condemns the illegal interference with the right to respect for private life, declares its support to Ana Dolidze and all victims of illegal covert surveillance

2021-03-23 10:13
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GYLA responds to the story aired by the program “Post Factum” on "Mtavari" Channel. [1] Respondent Ivane Gulashvili states that he was a State Security official and, following the instructions of high-ranking officials, used to install surveillance devices for covert surveillance in the residential houses of some public officials or on the various technical devices.

GYLA condemns the illegal interference with the right to respect for private life; declares its support for Ana Dolidze and all the victims of illegal covert surveillance.

At the same time, we note that in Georgia, in the recent past, there is a grave experience and outcomes of the publication of personal life footage obtained through covert surveillance, which requires timely, impartial and effective investigation by the relevant state agencies. The targets of such fighting using these methods are mostly women politicians and journalists to remove them from their political or journalistic activities after being blackmailed or published their personal life.

The private and family life of a person is inviolable, and it is inadmissible to illegally interfere in private life, blackmail and persecute persons using illegal covert surveillance records. The state must respond promptly to alleged cases of illegal covert surveillance and protect the privacy of individuals through effective investigative and prosecution mechanisms.

Accordingly, GYLA calls on the relevant investigative bodies to launch an investigation in a timely manner to verify the information contained in the program "Post Factum" and respond accordingly. Also, due to the high public interest, ensure public awareness on the launch and ongoing investigation.