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No One found guilty yet on case of torture act against Irakli Khoperia by the Police Officers

2018-10-11 11:50
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As known to the public, on February 16, 2017, Irakli Koperia was taken by the police officers to the Vake-Saburtalo Police Department Division 5 groundlessly, where he became victim of ill-treatment by the police. According to Irakli Khoperia, he was demanded to confess the crime that he had not committed, he was threatened to plant drugs on him and was physically abused. Only after revealing that Irakli Khoperia was arrested by mistake instead of another person, he was released.

Investigation on the abovementioned case is conducted by the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia. Numerous evidences were obtained during the investigation that directly confirm the fact of crime committed by the police officers, in particular, the investigation has established that:     

- Irakli Khoperia was injured when being in Vake-Saburtalo Police Department Division 5 under control of the police;

- The injuries on the body of Irakli Khoperia are confirmed by forensic medical examination and other medical documentation;

- The identities of those police officers that ill-treated Irakli Khoperia. The mentioned is confirmed by the protocol of identifying procedure and other evidences;  

- The cases of false testimony by the certain employees of the Vake-Saburtalo Police Department and fact of falsification of evidence by them. The mentioned is confirmed through comparison of the time of drawing up the protocol of interrogation of Irakli Khoperia dated of February 16, 2017 and results of computer data. 

The evidence collected through the investigation creates sufficient grounds to pursue charges against the police officers. However the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia fails to carry out the obligation imposed by the law and has not launched criminal prosecution against certain persons.     

We urge the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to immediately launch criminal prosecution on the case of torture of Irakli Khoperia and other offenses.