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Joint statement of GYLA and Tiflis Hamkari regarding Tbilisi Botanic Garden

2016-04-28 13:56
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As we know cadastral boundary adjustments of Tbilisi Botanical garden were made based on the “Finservice XXI” LTD request of April 12, 2016, based on which the territories were exchanged between the company and Botanical Garden.     

We would like to respond to the mentioned fact and first of all we would like to say that the decision regarding correcting the Tbilisi Botanical Garden-owned territory was made opaque and without participation of interested parties. Making decision in abovementioned manner significantly reduces the opportunity of Society to participate in the process of decision making.        

When discussing developments around Tbilisi Botanical Garden, it is also significant to know that:

- Based on decree of the Minister of Culture, Monument protection and Sports of Georgia of October 1, 2007, Tbilisi Botanical Garden was awarded the status of immovable monument of cultural heritage. Accordingly the Garden is the monument of cultural heritage and it is subject to all protection mechanisms stipulated by law.

- Despite the statements made by Tbilisi City Hall, that cadastral boundary adjustments of Tbilisi Botanical garden were conducted outside the boundaries of monument of cultural heritage, Tbilisi City Hall failed to provide proper documentation, proving that so called corrected territory that was owned by Garden was not the part of cultural heritage. Accordingly there is reasonable doubt that the boundaries were in the area of protection of cultural heritage monument;

- It is unknown whether Ministry of Culture, Monument protection and Sports of Georgia and The National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation were informed regarding corrections of area boundaries owned by the Garden, considering the status of Tbilisi Botanic Garden. Any decisions made without participation of mentioned two organs undermines legitimacy of the decision made.

GYLA and Tiflis Hamkar will continue to monitor developments regarding Tbilisi Botanic Garden and will provide the society with additional information.