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A citizen has restored the property rights with the assistance of GYLA's Dusheti office

2019-05-06 17:12
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A citizen managed to protect his/her rights with the assistance of GYLA’s Dusheti office and returned the land plot. The court dispute started after the land plot belonging to a natural person was transferred by the LEPL National Agency of State Property under the direct privatization process to the LTD "K". The case evidence confirmed that the transfer of the land plot was illegal.

The claim was satisfied by the decision of the Court of First Instance and the land plot has been returned back to the person. The decision was challenged by the Respondent Party at the Court of Appeals, but the decision of the First Instance remained unchanged by the Court of Appeals. The cassation complaints of LEPL National Agency of State Property and LTD "K" was considered inadmissible by the Supreme Court. Consequently, the dispute has been finally resolved and the person was able to restore property rights with GYLA's assistance.