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GYLA – qualified election subject should cooperate with Public Broadcaster within the frameworks of pre-election debates

2016-10-05 16:10
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As public is aware, according to the Law on Broadcasting, the Public Broadcaster of Georgia is obliged to hold debates before the elections. Namely, the Public Broadcaster should, in non-discriminative way, ensure equal participation of all qualified election subjects in pre-election debates.

On October 3, current year, the Public Broadcaster presented special program for the public – “Parliamentary elections 2016 debates”. However only 4 out of first names from the lists of invited nine qualified election subjects participated. Georgian Dream, National Movement, Free Democrats, Labor Party of Georgia and Alliance of Patriots did not participate in debates. 

We consider that refusal of the qualified election subjects on participation in pre-elections debate organized by the Public Broadcaster is expression of disrespect towards the electorate and towards the Public Broadcaster.

GYLA urges the qualified election subjects to treat Public Broadcaster and its audience with more respect and cooperate with Public Broadcaster within frameworks of pre-election debate.