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GYLA protects the rights of journalists affected on July 5

2021-07-06 15:34
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Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) has already been involved in the case of 11 journalists injured on July 5, 2021. At this time, an investigation has been launched into the incidents of violence against them and interference with journalistic activities. At this stage, 2 of them have been granted the status of victims. It is noteworthy that the investigative bodies are actively contacting the affected journalists with the purpose to summon them for an interview; however, this process looks disorganized, and the interview process does not start at the agreed time. At the same time, at the first stage, the victims were called to the police station on Tabukashvili Street; however, the place of the interview was later changed.

It is important that the investigative body investigates all episodes of violence and interference with journalistic activities in a timely, effective and organized manner, including in the direction of identifying discriminatory motives. At the same time, it should be assessed how effectively the mobilization and actions of the police forces were planned and carried out to prevent/eliminate the violent development of events.

GYLA continues to work on the cases of the affected journalists and will periodically provide the public with up-to-date information on the progress of the investigation.