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Kutaisi Court of Appeal upholds complaint of the former director of Batumi Boulevard

2021-06-24 11:01
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The Kutaisi Court of Appeals has rendered an important Ruling on the labor dispute of Irakli Jincharadze, the former director of Batumi Boulevard. The Ruling upheld the complaint filed by GYLA on behalf of Irakli Jincharadze, and until a final decision is made on the case, it is prohibited to hold a simplified public competition to select a candidate for the position of LEPL "Batumi Boulevard" and to appoint a candidate on the vacant position of LEPL "Batumi Boulevard".

As it is known to the public, Irakli Jincharadze was dismissed from his position on April 11th, 2021 by the decree of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. The dismissal was preceded by March 30, 2021, sitting of the Batumi City Council, where Irakli Jincharadze criticized the initiative of the long-term lease of about 4,500 square meters of beach for branded hotels, as the mentioned coastal section would no longer be accessible to locals and vacationers. Irakli Jincharadze appealed to the court with the assistance of GYLA to annul the dismissal order, reinstatement and reimbursement of the unpaid salary; however, there was a real danger that another person would take over the position of director before the end of the dispute, thus preventing Irakli Jincharadze from being reinstated. Temporary Rule of the Kutaisi Court of Appeal ensures that Irakli Jincharadze will return to office in case of successful completion of the labor dispute.