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NGO campaign claiming effective investigation of offences committed by the law enforcement representatives on 26 May

2011-06-27 14:23
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To this end, part of Georgian NGOs initiates joint campaign and citizens will file tens of identical applications daily to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia claiming effective, impartial and comprehensive investigation as well as submission of the information on the investigation process.  

On 26 May 2011, while dispersing opposition rally at the Rustaveli Avenue instances of abusing power from the Police as well as other signs of committing offence were detected. On 20 June the General Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia published information on initiation of investigation on the facts of potential abuse of power by certain representatives of law enforcement agencies.  

On June 26 the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture a month has past since dispersal of opposition rally, nevertheless the public does not possess specific information about liability of offender law enforcement representatives.

We consider that effective, impartial and comprehensive investigation has to be carried out within reasonable terms on the conduct of law enforcement representatives on May 26, so that by  taking into account Rule of Law and justice administration principles ensure revealing of offenders and their punishment.  

Since in the past the Georgian Society repeatedly witnessed cases when criminal prosecution against law enforcement representatives and other public officials were carried out ineffectively without relevant liability followed, we deem necessary to remind systematically investigative bodies, prosecution agencies in particular, that public expectation towards effective investigation of the case is extremely high and investigative bodies are obliged to carry out effective implementation on the one hand and to disclose information proactively on the investigation process on the other hand.

We appeal all the interested citizens to join the campaign and to address the General Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia with this application.


Following organizations participate in the campaign:

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association

International Transparency Georgia

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy

Article 42 of the Constitution

Human Rights Priority

Human Rights Center  

Public defender  

The Coalition for Civil Development  

Multinational Georgia

The Association XXI Century

Justice and Liberty

Youth for Justice

International Center on Conflict and Negotiation   

The Research Center for Elections and Political Technologies

Caucasus Women Network

Regional Media Association

Healthy World