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Presentation of the #8 of Monitoring Report of the High Council of Justice

2020-07-07 11:34
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On July 7, 2020 GYLA will present the 8th Monitoring Report (covering 2019) of the High Council of Justice. The document highlights the issues such as:   

Nomination of judges of the Supreme Court – largescale legislative reform carried out in 2019 failed to prevent the “clan” from nominating candidates acceptable for them to the Parliament for the appointment purposes. 

Appointment of judges in the first and second instances – the judges are mostly appointed based on biased decisions (there is a lack of appealing mechanism for candidates, the interviews are held behind the closed doors). “The clan” controls two thirds of votes required for decision-making, allowing them to appoint persons acceptable for them.      

Court judges – The vicious practice of appointing acting Chairs of Court/Chamber/Panel is maintained. As “the clan” controls the Council, they use this mechanism to appoint persons loyal to them and therefore maintain the influence.      

The report includes recommendations, however GYLA considers these recommendations effective only if “the clan” will not be able to control the decision-making process.