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GYLA will assist those persons whose rights might be infringed by Tbilisi government

2007-07-29 20:00
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On July 20 Tbilisi government adopted a decree (#15.22.419) on initiating of administrative proceeding with a view to reviewing some decrees issued by Tbilisi municipality, cabinet and Tbilisi government.

Tbilisi government considers that, the decrees adopted in 1994-98 were issued by unauthorized agencies and should be invalidated. In case of invalidating the decrees citizens living in Tabukashvili str.#50 and other tens of proprietors will be deprived of the property right on their lands.

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association considers that Tbilisi government misinterprets the law and deprives the citizens of the property right. We are ready to assist the persons whose property right might be infringed by the Tbilisi government.