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GYLA graduates received diplomas and certificates

2007-07-01 20:00
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On June 28 Legal Education Assistance Foundation under the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association arranged a graduation ceremony and awarded diplomas and certificates to its graduates.

At the beginning of the event Giorgi Chkheidze – GYLA chairman emphasized one of GYLA main statutory goals: development of lawyers’ professional skills and remembered his first steps in GYLA when the Legal Training and Information Center (LTIC)-an alternative source to receive legal education was just being established. GYLA chairman also talked on ten years’ experience of the Center and on successful graduates (who by GYLA recommendation were recruited by various public and private agencies), mentioned the necessity and main pre-conditions of founding Legal Education Assistance Foundation.

Afterwards, Tamar Metreveli- a director of Legal Assistance Foundation applied to the students with a speech. She discussed the positive and negative sides of the training year 2006-2007, introduced to the students the new initiatives of the Foundation and reminded them of the main objectives of the Foundation to take maximal practical knowledge, so that in  future it was easier for them to find working places. Tamar Metreveli emphasized once again that the graduates will have maximal support from GYLA and foundation. GYLA will recommend the graduates of the Foundation to various state or private agencies.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, GYLA chairman applied to the graduates to have permanent contact with the organization and maintained that GYLA membership is the best opportunity thereto. The graduates received application forms for GYLA membership. After filling in the application form they will automatically become candidates to the members of the association.

The graduates also received the list of the modern legal literature acquired by GYLA receintly.

39 graduates received certificates, while 41 of them where awarded diplomas.