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The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Georgian National Platform

2019-02-22 11:03
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The main goal of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is to promote the development of civil society organizations, cooperation among them, their dialogue with public bodies and achievement of EaP goals in the six partner countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

The CSF activities include five Eastern Partnership thematic platforms and, therefore, five working groups:

1. Democracy, human rights, good governance and stability
2. Economic integration and convergence with EU policies;
3. Environmental protection, climate change and energy security;
4. Encourage people-to-people contacts
5. Social Dialogue

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum's web-site : / Facebook: @EaP.Civil.Society.Forum  / Twitter: @eapcsf


Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Georgian National Platform (EaP CSF GNP) mission is to increase the civil society’s consolidation around and participation in Georgia’s European integration processes, to popularize democratic values, and to advocate for the interests of citizens toward improved overall wellbeing in the country. 

EaP CSF GNP strategic objectives (SOs):

SO 1. To monitor and advocate for the implementation of Georgia’s AA obligations on national and EU levels through supporting dialogue between public authorities, private sector, and civil society

SO 2. To communicate the importance of Georgia’s European Integration efforts to the wider public

SO 3. To ensure the EaP NP’s effective functioning for the achievement of its mission and objectives


The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Georgian National Platform's web-site:  / Facebook: EaP CSF Georgian National Platform


The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association is an active member of the coalition since its establishment, in 2014, GYLA has accomplished the Secretariat Mission of the EaP CSF GNP. GYLA is involved in activities of the first and fifth Working Groups. 

Contact persons: Irma Pavliashvili - (First Working Group), Mariam Ozashvili - (Fifth Working Group).