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Statement of NGOs on the Developments Around Rustavi 2 TV

It is essential for Rustavi 2’s new owner and management to ensure the editorial independence and allow them to make decisions according to their own conscience.

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Assessments made by the Strasbourg Court regarding the “Case of Rustavi 2”

GYLA's remarks about the decision of the European Court of Human Rights on the “Case of Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company LTD and Others v. Georgia”. 

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The Coalition is assessing the ongoing process of selection of Supreme Court judicial candidates

The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary calls on the High Council of Justice to ensure full transparency of interviews with candidates. 

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GYLA - Reorganization of Georgian National Center and Writers' House was ungrounded and hasty

The main principle of selection of this LEPL was unclear, while there were other 70 LEPLs in the field of culture in the system of the Ministry.

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GYLA to prepare a report on events of June 20-21, 2019

In GYLA’s report, the systematic and individual cases of violation will be analyzed.

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GYLA appealed to the Constitutional Court the Rule of Review of the Verdict

GYLA addressed the Constitutional Court on behalf of Jemal Dumbadze & requested to recognize the rule of review of the verdict as unconstitutional.

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The Norm prohibiting temporal display of a protest banner off a private building with the consent of its owner is deemed unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court

The norm prohibiting temporal display of a protest banner off a private building with the consent of its owner is deemed unconstitutional.

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The European Court determined liability of Georgia on the fact of ill-treatment of Nikoloz Goguadze detained during the special operation of Kintsvisi

The Court determined a violation of the article 3 of the European Convention (prohibition of torture) from Georgia. 

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GYLA’s Assessment of the Electoral System, Proposed by the Ruling Party

GYLA calls upon the government to introduce the announced amendments, following detailed discussions. 

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Statement of Non-Governmental Organizations on the 20 June Events

We, the undersigned organizations, would like to express our grave concern over the events that took place on June 20.

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