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GYLA applies to the public broadcaster and demands live transmission of hearing of Girgvliani’s case on TV

Today, on June 29 the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association send a letter to the director general of the public broadcaster requesting live transmission of the hearing of Sandro Girvgvliani’s case. According to articles 16, paragraph c) of the Georgian law on public broadcaster, public broadcaster should guarantee timely and comprehensive submission of information to the audience on the ongoing events in Georgia.” Since public interest towards the hearing is great and the fact has great resonance, transmitting of the hearing in live is of utmost importance. It will assist to raising of public trust to impartiality and fairness of judiciary is Georgia. 

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Training seminar “Taking cases to the European Court of Human Rights”

Training seminar “Taking cases to the European Court of Human Rights” was delivered within the framework of joint project “Strengthening Human Rights Capacity” carried out by Georgian Young Lawyers Association and European Human Rights Advocacy Centre.  Seminar was delivered by Bill Bowring and Philip Leach, practising lawyers specialising in human rights. The seminar was dedicated to the discussion of the procedures for applying to the European court of Human Rights and admissibility as well as to the consideration of various fundamental rights guaranteed by the European Convention. The seminar was interactive; Therefore, it was possible to deliberate over specific examples characteristic to Georgian reality. Aforementioned seminar was oriented on raising public awareness with regard to the application to the European Court of Human Rights. The result is a qualified lawyer able to select potential cases for submitting before the European Court of Human Rights.

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Tournament in parliamentary debates goes on

On 7th of May 1/8 and 1/4 finals of parliamentary debates were held in GYLA. Students of the Legal Education Promotion Fund who have passed the selection stage of tournament participated in debates. Debates in quarterfinal were held on the following resolutions: This chamber believes that an ombudsman is an effective mechanism to protect people’s rights;This chamber believes that: right of property is inviolable;This chamber believes that the government and religion should be segregated. Quarterfinal groups Maia Titberidze          (Introduction of law)Tamar Gongadze Nino Sarishvili            (International law)Tamar Daushvili Khatuna Khelidze     (Criminal law)Oliko Giorgadze Eliso Chabrava         (Civil law)Vanda Jejelava Archil Nizcharadze    (Introduction of law)Beso Ghonghadze Nino Gobrondize       (Constitutional law)Tamar Chugoshvili Lana lagvilava           (Criminal law)Giorgi Chidrashvili Nino Zubitashvili        (Introduction of law)Mariam Davitnidze Debates in quarterfinal were held on the following resolutions: This chamber believes that government should not guarantee free legal aid Semi-final groups: Nino Sarishvili              (International law)Tamar Daushvili Eliso Chabrava            (Civil law)Vanda Jejelava Nino Gobrondize        (Constitutional law)Tamar Chugoshvili Nino Zubitashvili       (Introduction of law)Mariam Davitnidze

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The assessment on pending amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association discussed the draft initiated by the Legal Committee of the Parliament envisaging amendments to the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code, to Law on Imprisonment and other laws.  GYLA prepared and submitted to the Legal Committee of the Georgian Parliament the assessment on pending amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code. Within the frames of the informal working group temporarily established at the Legal Committee, GYLA experts participated in discussion of the draft and reached agreement on some issues. As a result the draft has been improved, however, we consider that some problematic issues still persist and should be reviewed.

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Draft criminal procedure code of Georgia

Draft criminal procedure code of Georgia (As of 18.04.06)  Draft criminal procedure

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Poster Competition

Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) Project  “No To Trafficking In persons! (NOTIP)” implemented with support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), holds Poster Competition on the topic “No To Trafficking In Persons!”

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GYLA asks Mikheil Machavariani assistance in acquiring information on law enforcement funds

On April 4 Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) applied to the vice-speaker of the Parliament and asked assistance in ensuring transparency of “Law enforcement agencies development fund” and “Georgian Army development fund”. On April 2 Mikheil Machavariani made statement in TV program Droeba on transparency and publicity of law enforcement funds. The chairperson of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association asks the deputy chairman of the parliament to assist interested persons in acquiring necessary information. During a year GYLA made all attempts to retrieve information on the activities and expenditures of law enforcement funds, however in vain. At court hearings, respondents (the Ministry of Interior and the General Prosecutor’s Office) insisted, that the funds were legal entities of private law and their activities were closed.

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Meeting with regional NGOs

The chairperson of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association-Anna Dolidze and the director of GYLA Rule of Law Program visited Adjara region on March 28-29. The aim of the visit was to meet with the representatives of local NGOs and discussed problems and existed situation in the region.  Nearly 30 participants from various NGOs attended the meeting held in Batumi, GYLA Adjara branch office. Participants discussed topical issues and the role of civil sector in the process and set plans for further cooperation. Following issues were identified from the discussed problems: • Activities of Adjara region;• Self-censorship of local media;• Judiciary problems;• Relationships of the government of autonomous republic and the high council;• Situation in education sphere   On March 29, Anna Dolidze visited penitentiary #3 and met with prisoners.The next meeting was held in Kutaisi with NGO representatives from Imereti and Samegrelo regions. Following topics were noteworthy • Activities of local mass media• The practice of “selective” detention on Samegrelo-Abkhazeti boarder• Electricity supply• Problems in self-governance • Situation in penitentiaries Civil Society representatives agreed on cooperation in regard to the local problems.

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“The fund for the development of law enforcement agencies” is closed to public

“The fund for the development of law enforcement agencies” is closed to public Today, on March 29, the deputy head of the Parliamentary Legal Department Giga Bokeria made a statement in regard to spending funds from “the law enforcement agencies development fund”. He declared that activities of the fund are transparent and open to public and any interested person may acquire information on expenditure spending.

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Tbilisi Board of Administrative Affairs declared admissible the lawsuit of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association

On March 23 Tbilisi Board of Administrative Affairs declared admissible the lawsuit of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association on declaring partially void governmental order #66 of February 9.2006 on “Allocating funds from the state budget to the budgets of the territorial units.” According to the first paragraph of the order, the government of Georgia orders the Ministry of Finance to allocate 23,500,00 GEL for the budgets of various territorial units. The second paragraph obliges the Ministry of Finance and Presidential Envoys to control implementation of the order. Considering the Georgian law on local governance and self-governance and the European Charter on local governance GYLA presumes that granting of the authority to the state presidential envoys is illegal and the part of the administrative act should be invalidated. Georgia should carry out effective steps towards establishing effective local self-governance, however disputed governmental order is an inhibiting factor thereto. Granting such authority to presidential envoys will have negative impact on decentralization. Administrative Board of Tbilisi City Court held that the lawsuit met all the legislative requirements.  The case was considered admissible and the hearing on merits will take place on April 12.2006. saqarTvelos axalgazrda iuristTa asociacia miuReblad miiCnevs sandro girgvlianis mkvlelobaSi braldebulTa erT sakanSi ganTavsebas, rac sandro girgvlianis mkvlelobis gamoZiebis araobieqtur mimdinareobaze miuTiTebs da uerTdeba saqarTvelos saxalxo damcvelis mowodebas saqarTvelos iusticiis saministros mimarT, raTa man daicvas saqarTvelos kanonmdeblobiT gaTvaliswinebuli moTxovnebi. 

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