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Recommendations on the Work of the Central Election Commission from Georgian Non-governmental Organizations

The Central Election Commission (CEC) plays a crucial role in ensuring that the elections are conducted fairly and in building public confidence in them.  Therefore, the undersigned organizations recommend following:

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Training “Freedom of Information – Public Control Tool for Journalists”

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association by the assistance of the OSCE mission to Georgia arranged the cycle of trainings “Freedom of Information – Public Control Tool for Journalists”. The event was held within the Human Rights’ Week organized by GYLA. Two day long trainings 6-7, 8-9 and 10-11 were held in Gudauri. About 90 journalists, students from the Tbilisi State University -journalistic faculty and representatives from the “Caucasian Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development” from Kvemo Kartli and Samtskhe Javakheti regions were invited as participants. The cycle of trainings aimed capacity building of journalist that will facilitate them to acquire official documents from public agencies, to appeal unjust denials and to request reparation of  damage independently. Training agenda was mainly concentrated on:1. The purpose and significance of public control;2. International standards of freedom of expression and rights of journalists;3. Procedures of requesting public information;4. Types of secret information;5. Appeal mechanisms;6. Reparation of damage and relevant liability; The primary method of the training included practical activities and role plays. At the end of the training, participants were involved in different artistic activities and plays dedicated to various issues. On December 10-artictic activity was dedicated to celebration of Human Rights International Day.

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Deprivation of the Property Right in Georgia

Within the Human Rights Week GYLA organized the round table: “Right to Property in Georgia”. Report prepared by GYLA which reviews international obligations undertaken by the state and submits critical analysis of the applicable legislation were submitted at the presentation. Specific cases of deprivation of property, on which GYLA lawyers are working, were discussed at the meeting. At the end of the presentation discussion was arranged.

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GYLA Commenced Human Rights Week with Freedom of Assembly

From December 10 until December 20 The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association will arrange the Traditional Human Rights Week. Today, on December 10- International Human Rights Protection Day, Giorgi Chkheidze – GYLA chairman assessed November 7 events. Giorgi Chkheidze introduced to the journalists the statement entitled “A month after November 7- Right to Assembly - Fundamental Right?” Initiated from today, including December 20 GYLA will arrange various events in the frames of the Human Rights’ Week.

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10 pre-conditions for fair and free elections in Georgia.

The  NGOs  which are planning to observe  the Presidential Elections  on  January  5th , 2008, publicize the following  10 pre-conditions  for  fair and free elections in Georgia. 10 pre-conditions for fair and free elections in Georgia.

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GYLA addresses to diplomatic corps in Georgia

Taking into account current situation in the country, GYLA today has ent letter to the Ambassadors and Heads of the foreign and international missions in Georgia. To see the letter, please follow the link From GYLA - Honorable Ambassadors

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The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association expresses reacts regarding concluding observations and recommendations of the UN Human Rights Committee and appeals the State to their prompt and effective implementation

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association expresses its opinion on the concluding observations and recommendations of the UN Human Rights Committee (UN HRC) with regard to the State report submitted by the Georgian Government ( The UN Committee is dedicated to assess how effectively the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the UN Covenant on the Civil and Political Rights are ensured and protected by the state party. The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association upholds the positive assessments of the Committee with regard to achievements in the sphere. At the same time, GYLA as a human rights protection NGO supports the position of the Committee in identification of the problems and agrees that Georgian Government should carry out prompt and adequate measure inter alia thereon: Effective Mechanisms against Torture – adopt effective legislative and procedural safeguards in the process of extradition, deportation and transfer, in order that deported persons were not tortured or subject to inhuman or degrading treatment and punishment. Combating violence - to reinforce state agencies’ activities in combating domestic violence, including effective investigation and victims’ protection (establishment of shelters) Right to life, excessive use of force – the Committee expressly indicates on the necessity to carry out prompt and effective investigations concerning deaths caused by use of excessive force by the police during arrests, special operations or in penitentiary system. GYLA upholds the Committee’s opinion concerning necessity for timely investigation of the facts that took place in 2006 in penitentiary institution #5. Furthermore, the Committee stresses the importance of trainings for law enforcement agencies with regard to criminal nature of the excessive use of power. Human treatment – the committee is concerned by the increasing number of prisoners in the penitentiary system and considers necessary immediate resolution of the problem; Independent and Corruption free judiciary – the committee indicates on the acute problem of judicial independence and considers necessary institutional amendments as well as adequate and timely reactions on any charges. Freedom of expression – rights of journalists – the Committee indicates on the facts of violence against journalists and appeals the state to their timely investigation. The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association appeals the state to prompt and effective consideration of the concluding observations and recommendations of the UN Human Rights Committee and is ready to cooperate on the issues. 

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The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association upholds the CPT report

“The fact that Georgia locks up so many of its citizens cannot be convincingly explained away by a high crime rate; the policy of “zero tolerance on crime” and the general outlook of law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and the judiciary must, in part, be responsible…” “The above-described conditions of detention under which the vast majority of prisoners at Prison No. 5 were held amount to inhuman and degrading treatment and as such constitute an affront to a civilised society…”

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September 28 is the right to know day

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association celebrated the International Right to Know Day in 8 GYLA branch and regional offices in Tbilisi, Rustavi, Gori, Telavi, Dusheti, Kutaisi, Ozuregti and Batumi by organizing various events.

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GYLA submitted an opinion with regard to the draft “Pupil’s Code of Ethics”

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association reviewed and submitted the preliminary opinion on the draft prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science, that concerns introducing of the “Pupils’ Code of Ethics” in the secondary schools. GYLA sent its preliminary opinion to the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science and to 20 pilot schools selected in the frames of the program “the safe school”. Preliminary Comments of the Georgian Young Lavyers\' Association on The draft Pupils\' of Ethics

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