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GYLA Protesting against the Dispersion of Veterans’ Rally

On January 3, 2011, representatives of the law enforcement agencies dispersed the protest rally at Hero Square in Tbilisi by use of force and detained several participants of the rally. The rally organized by veterans of war has been held since December 27, 2010, in full compliance of stipulations of the Georgian legislation on assemblies and manifestations. Although blocking the traffic in frames of the rally had not been planned, on December 24, 2010, the rally organizers applied to the administration of Tbilisi City Hall in order to notify about the rally that was planned.

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Appeal of the Georgian Civil Society Representatives regarding Human Rights Violations in Belarus

29/XII/2010, Tbilisi, GeorgiaThe Georgian civil society representatives express their deep concern about the ongoing human rights violations in Belarus. On 19 December 2010 thousands of Belarus citizens gathered on October Square in Minsk to express their opinion regarding the Presidential elections. Later they moved to the Independence Square. According to the Amnesty International:  "A small group of young men standing by the doors to the parliament building armed with batons, their faces covered with scarves started to call on the demonstrators to storm the building. They broke down the doors and broke windows after which riot police sought to disperse the entire demonstration.

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GYLA Applies to the State Minister on Reintegration Issues with a Letter

On October 15, 2010 the Government of Georgia passed the Resolution on Approving Modalities for Conducting Activities in the Occupied Territories of Georgia.The Resolution adopts rules and procedures for international and domestic organizations for obtaining approval from the State Minister for Reintegration Issues for implementing activities declared in the Action Plan for Engagement Strategy.

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GYLA Chairperson held Briefing with Media Experts

On December 13, at conference room of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, GYLA Chairperson Tamar Chugoshvili and group of media-experts headed by Lasha Tugushi held briefing concerning current issues in media.Issues related to media-transparency were of particular concern during 2010. Therefore, the Parliament of Georgia started working to implement changes in media ownership transparency.

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GYLA Organized Student Olympiad in Constitutional Law

For over the last four years the Georgian Young Lawyers Association in cooperation with the Constitutional Court of Georgia has been holding annual Student Olympiad “Young Lawyers for Constitutional Rights” all over Georgia.In 2010 GYLA with financial support of the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation announced another competition for participating in the Olympiad.100 groups from different universities of Georgia expressed their interest to participate in the Olympiad.

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GYLA Chairperson Applies to the Speaker of the Parliament with an Open Letter

First of all, let me extend to you the assurances of my high consideration and refer to the cooperation between the Georgian Young Lawyers Association and the Parliament of Georgia for over the years. This time I would like to bring your attention to the fact of violation of the Regulations of the Parliament of Georgia by the Committee of Legal Issues, which, regrettably, is not the first time the Committee violated the Regulations.On December 3, 2010 the Committee of Legal Issues adopted the legal draft of Charter of Freedom initiated by the MP Giorgi Totladze in the second hearing. Basically the draft is a Georgian version of the U.S.A. Patriot Act adopted in 2001. First and foremost, I shall note that the adoption of the Patriot Act by the U.S. Government was strongly criticized due to the fact that the Act potentially allowed for human rights violations. Therefore, adoption of the Georgian version of the Act, which is below criticism due to its grammatical and legal defects, may not be considered as endorsement of the best U.S. practice.

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GYLA Opened the Human Rights Week with a Rally outside the Supreme Court

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association opened the traditional human rights week with a peaceful rally outside the Supreme Court of Georgia  in the evening of December 9.The rally participants gathered wearing a T-shirts with special symbols, voicing the main messages associated with issues identified during the recent period. Slogan of the rally was “Recognize My Right!”

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GYLA Supports the Legislative Initiative Prepared by the Initiative Group of Media Experts

On November 16, at 12:00pm, GYLA will host the initiative group of media experts and journalistsThe Georgian Young Lawyers Association supports proposals of the initiative group of media experts on freedom of information matters aimed at implementation of significant changes in the sphere of freedom of information. On November 12, 2010, the initiative group submitted its proposal to the Parliament of Georgia, envisaging complex approach for ensuring creation of pluralistic environment in the sphere of media.

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GYLA Publishes its Findings on the Law of Georgia on Police

On September 3, 2010 MPs L. Tordia, K. Anjaparidze and Z. Kukava submitted a legislative initiative  - draft  law on Amendments and Addendum to Certain Legislative Acts, which included the draft law on Amendments and Addendum to the Law of Georgia on Police. Article 91 would be inserted in the law, introducing the term stop and frisk. The noted amendment allows a police officer to stop an individual in order to substantiate or dispel suspicions concerning involvement of the person in a crime.

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Appeal of Georgian Young Lawyers Association, Transparency International Georgia and Levan Mikeladze Foundation to Parliament of Georgia for Extension of Period Allocated for Constitutional Draft Review

An analysis of political developments throughout the recent history of Georgia demonstrates that it is necessary to select the right political system and form of state governance and to take the interests of different social groups into consideration as much as possible during this process, in order to ensure sustainable and safe development of our country.

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