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European Court judgment paves way for Georgian victims of Soviet political repression to be compensated

On February 2, 2010 in the case of Kiladze v Georgia the European Court of Human Rights found that a ‘legislative void’ had prevented Klaus and Yuri Kiladze from obtaining compensation to which they were entitled as victims of political repression. The applicants were represented by the Georgian Young Lawyers Association and the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre.  It shall be noted that by now this is the first case of GYLA where judgment was delivered by the European Court.By the noted judgment the European Court ruled in favor of the applicants and found a violation of Article 1 of Protocol 1 to the European Convention on Human Rights (the right to property). The applicants were awarded 4 000 Euros each for compensation of damages. The European Court’s judgment in the Kiladze case is remarkable, as it also requires the Georgian authorities to rapidly introduce the necessary legislative and administrative measures to ensure prompt realization of the judgment.

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NGO Report on violations of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law during the Russian-Georgian war to be presented to Prosecutor of ICC in the Hague

By the end of February 2009 Georgian NGOs will release a report on violations of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law during the Russian-Georgian war of August 2008. Report will be released with the support of Open Society Georgian Foundation, based on the materials collected by the five Georgian non-governmental organizations, such as: Georgian Young Lawyers' Association, Human Rights Center, Union "21st Century", Article 42 of Constitution, Center for Protection of Constitutional Rights. Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo got interested in the report and today representatives of Georgian NGOs will present draft report to the prosecutor and his team in the Hague.

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GYLA Responds to Arrest of IDPs

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) responds to the arrest of Lela Argvliani, Denis Aliokhin and Aza Shengelia who participated in the rally of IDPs on January 28. The arrest was performed by the officers of the Vake-Saburtalo Department of MIA Tbilisi Headquarters. GYLA criticizes the action of the police officers, who prevented GYLA lawyers from defending the arrested.

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Successful Cases of GYLA Lawyers in December 2009

V.A. vs. and I. and Z.Ch.GYLA provided legal aid to a citizen V.A. who had filed against I.Ch. A traffic accident that occurred in October 21, 2006 was caused by the fault of a citizen I.Ch. V.A. filed for damage compensation.GYLA lawyer and the defendant negotiated a deal; a negotiation...

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NGOs’ Address to the President of Georgia

To the President of Georgia, Mr. Saakashvili:Upcoming local self-governance elections 2010 is perceived both inside and outside the country as another test of the readiness of the Georgian authority and the political spectrum of the country to hold fair and free elections and promote strengthening of democratic institutions.  The initiative of the ruling party and the president on selecting of the Central Election Commission (CEC) chairperson candidates to be presented to the representatives of opposition parties in CEC in consultation with non-governmental organizations has received positive feedback; but we, the representatives of the 27 non-governmental organizations that have offered you a common candidate have several questions regarding the three candidates that you have ultimately selected; namely:

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First Outcome of the Centre for Legal Protection of Media

With the help of the Centre for Legal Protection of Media within GYLA the complaint of Studio Monitor journalist, Nana Naskidashvili has been satisfied by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. The journalist was requesting public information from the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Georgia, more specifically information on construction and project works of the new MIA department, although her application submitted on November 17, 2009 was never responded.

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GYLA’s Statement on Illegal Actions against Inclusive Foundation

Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) condemns illegal actions of the Ministry of Interior Affairs’ (MIA) officers against Inclusive Foundations and calls for immediate response to campaigns waged against NGOs recently. According to the December 23 press release of Inclusive Foundation, on December 15, 2009, at 7:00 pm the organization was raided by the police, who did not wear police uniforms and did not provide a search warrant at the request of the organization members. The also refused to reveal their identity. The police officers searched thirteen individuals present at the office, while making degrading, humiliating, abusive and threatening remarks toward the organization members. Paata Sabelashvili, the leader of the organization was arrested and charged with drug possession.

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GYLA Filed Complaint at Self Regulation Commission of Rustavi 2 TV Company

Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) filed a coplaint at self-regulation commission of Rustavi 2 TV Company.GYLA considers that the December 12 report broadcasted in ‘Post Scriptum’ programme on release of citizens of Georgia unlawfully detained by the Ossetian side and negative role of our organization in the noted matter:

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GYLA’s Announcement Regarding the Report Broadcasted by Rustavi 2

Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) responds to the report broadcasted in programme ‘Courier P.S.’ on December 12 about GYLA’s work regarding release of persons who were illegally arrested and disappeared after the August war. As author of the report and programme producer significantly distorted certain details and subjective, unverified opinion of journalists was based on essentially wrong facts, GYLA deems it necessary to make the following announcement.After the August 2008 conflict GYLA filed 55 complaints on behalf of more than 350 victims to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). GYLA based its case selection criteria on the scope of human rights violations and presence of evidence corroborating the violation, but by no means on victim’s nationality. GYLA deems discrimination of people based on ethnic origin or any other distinctions unacceptable human rights protection without discrimination is the founding principle of our work.

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GYLA Presented Results of Vaziani-Gombori-Telavi Road Rehabilitation Project

In frames of the human rights week, GYLA in association with Green Alternative presented results of Vaziani-Gombori-Telavi road rehabilitation project. The monitoring was implemented in frames of the Coalition “Transparent Foreign Aid to Georgia”, with support of Open Society Institute and Open Society-Georgia Foundation. Implementation of Vaziani Gombori-Telavi road construction and rehabilitation project started in 2009. Works performed by now were funded from the State budget, while main portion of the project will be funded from resources provided by the World Bank as a loan.GYLA monitoring aimed to examine legitimacy of state procurement process, control rational spending of financial resources, prevent identified violations of law, and to furnish society with information.

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