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Statement of GYLA on Pressure Exerted Against Convicted Baratashvili

2011-12-06 12:08
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On November 29, 2011, attorney of convicted Kakha Baratashvili, Kakha Mumladze applied to Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association. According to the attorney, the convict was subjected to threats and physical assault in the penitentiary facility.

We found out that due to deterioration of health, convicted Kakha Baratashvili was transferred to the treatment facility for convicts and prisoners N18. He clarifies that due to unbearable pain he requested doctor’s appointment a number of times for consultation but administration of the penitentiary facility responded with physical assault. Furthermore, the convict was ordered to take off his clothes, and they poured cold water on his naked body. Threats of sexual violence were also made.

According to Kakha Baratashvili, employees of the treatment facility forced him to write an application stating that he had inflicted the injuries himself when he was in unbearable pain. Representatives of the administration also threatened him that if he publicized the noted fact, an illegal item could have been found on him, which would have served as grounds for extending his term of imprisonment. 

Hereby, it should also be noted that from November 27 to December 5, 2011, the right of GYLA lawyers to meet with Kakha Baratashvili was restricted. Eventually, lawyers met with him on December 5.

GYLA condemns violence against convicted Baratashvili and believes that such treatment is unjustified. Furthermore, it is particularly alarming that such fact occurred at a medical facility. Furthermore, restriction of an appointment between a convict and a defender is unacceptable.

GYLA calls on the office of the general prosecutor of Georgia to immediately launch investigation into the alleged fact of ill-treatment of Baratashvili and remains hopeful that publication of the noted facts will not endanger his life and health.