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Results of Monitoring of Works Undertaken in Support of Internally Displaced Persons

2011-12-13 14:49
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Within the series of human rights event, Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association held a presentation of the second report at the office of the Open Society – Georgia Foundation, entitled Monitoring of Works Undertaken in Support of Internally Displaced Persons.

First part of the report focused on monitoring of state’s spending of funds allocated by donors to Georgia for construction and rehabilitation of IDP housings. As for the second report, it focuses on monitoring of funds spent for installment of means of communication in IDP housings. GYLA examined works undertaken at specific areas for provision of water, electricity and gas supply. Furthermore, it inspected actual works performed by means of site-visits.

The research revealed the necessity to take local population’s needs into account in the process of planning works to be performed and to ensure participation of local population in decision-making process.

The monitoring revealed that contractor companies frequently violated agreements concluded with the state. Where works were deficient, contracting party – the state - failed to demand elimination of deficiency.

The event was held under the auspices of the project Promotion of Transparency and Accountability in Georgia, funded by the Open Society Institute and the Open Society – Georgia Foundation.