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GYLA’s Comments on Draft of Regulations of Voter List Rechecking Commission

2011-11-26 14:46
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Under the October 13, 2011 amendment to the organic law of Georgia “Election Code of Georgia”, a commission established under the presidential decree will verify accuracy of voter lists for the 2012 parliamentary elections. Its work will be governed by a set of regulations proposed by the Commission and approved by the President of Georgia.

GYLA believes that issues such as providing express definition of the Commission’s mandate and procedures of its activities, determining the Commission’s expanses in details, and monitoring of funds at the disposal of the Commission as well as setting up certain mechanisms for evaluating its work should be addressed and regulated. 
Having familiarized itself with the draft regulations, GYLA believes that it is rather general and a number of individual provisions need to be improved and thoroughly revised, for example, means for verifying voter lists; composition of the commission; the rule for electing managers of the commission; authority of its members; its finances and property. Furthermore, the draft fails to regulate certain issues, such as authority of the commission and procedures for discharging the authority; duration of its work; public access to its meetings as well as procedures for making and appealing decisions.

GYLA submitted its comments about the draft regulations to the Voter List Rechecking Commission as well.