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GYLA Submitted its Remarks and Recommendations Concerning Three Legal Drafts to the Parliament

2011-02-18 08:27
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On February 4, 2010, members of the Parliament initiated the on amendments and supplements to the law of Georgia on Procurement. The proposed draft significantly widens the area to which the simplified procurement applies. GYLA negatively evaluates unjustified broadening of the scope of simplified procurement for certain procurers and introduction of new exceptions to the law by widening the circle of procuring subjects (the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Georgia and agencies within the Ministry, the Ministry of Defense of Georgia and agencies within the Ministry, the Special Service of State Protection). Furthermore, GYLA called on MPs to take actions that will not allow deterioration of existing mechanisms of the law (click here to view the full text of GYLA’s opinion).

GYLA also prepared the legal opinion on amendments and supplements to the Law of Georgia to Combat Narcotic Crimes. Our opinion noted welcomed introduction of regulations that would enable an individual to restitute his rights. At the same time, such opportunity should not be restricted to striking a plea agreement – an individual should also be able to seek restitution through court even in cases, when he relieved from serving the principal punishment or sentenced to lighter punishment (click here to view to full text of GYLA’s opinion).

The Parliament is currently reviewing the draft of amendments and supplements to the Code on Imprisonment that envisage entitling a convict with conjugal visitation right. GYLA submitted its legal opinion to the parliament concerning the draft. According to the legal opinion, under the initiated amendments and supplements conjugal visitation right should apply to all prisoners. Furthermore, under the conjugal visitation right prisoners should be permitted to spend the time with a person who he/she had been living and shared a household with for the last two years before the imprisonment. Furthermore, the draft should necessarily envisage procedure for reconsidering the refusal of a penitentiary administration to allow a conjugal visit and directly prohibit visual control during the visit (click here to view the full text of GYLA’s opinion).