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GYLA Contemns Repeated Fact of Pressure Exerted against Convicted K. Baratashvili

2011-12-06 07:55
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Today, Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association released a statement over the fact of physical and psychological pressure exerted against convicted Kakha Baratashvili at the penitentiary department’s treatment facility for convicts and defendants. With the noted statement, GYLA called on the office of the prosecutor of Georgia to start investigation into the fact of ill-treatment of convicted K. Baratashvili, and expressed hope that his life and threat would not be endangered. 

Several hours ago, we learned that convicted K. Baratashvili who underwent surgery on November 30 at the same treatment facility, was physically harassed last night by employees of the facility. Furthermore, threats were made against his family members. 
GYLA once more condemns physical harassment of the prisoner at the penitentiary department, particularly in consideration of the fact that the violence occurred at a medical facility for convicts and prisoners. 
GYLA once more calls on
- the administration of the treatment facility for convicts and prisoners and its Chief Physician, to protect and ensure health and safety of prisoner K. Baratashvili
- Chairperson of the penitentiary department, to take immediate actions in response to the fact that occurred at a penitentiary facility under his subordination    
- the office of the chief prosecutor of Georgia, to immediately start investigation into the fact of inhumane treatment of K. Baratashvili which clearly contains signs of crimes envisaged by the Criminal Code of Georgia; to undertake all necessary investigation activities in a timely manner in order to ensure effective process of investigation.