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GYLA Applies Parliament with Recommendations

2011-02-09 08:40
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The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association submitted its legal opinions concerning a number of legal drafts, including:

Amendments to the law of Georgia on Conflict of Interests and Corruption in Public Service. GYLA welcomes the draft that aims at further elaboration of the law by including “State Minister and his/her deputy” in the list of state officials. At the same time, GYLA applied to MPs with a recommendation to designate heads of structural subunits of the State Minister’s office and their equivalents under the category of state officials (click here to view the full text of GYLA’s legal opinion).


GYLA also submitted its opinions concerning the draft of amendments to the Law on Public Service. GYLA considers that requirements of minimum information to be included in the notice about competition should remain. It would ensure functionality of the notice and provision of relevant information. Furthermore, the notice should feature a detailed list of duties and responsibilities and thus adhere to the anti-corruption measures devised by the government of Georgia (click here to view the full text of GYLA’s legal opinion).

During its spring 2011 session the Parliament renewed discussion of novel regulations of matters related to the institute of Mandaturis. GYLA took advantage of the opportunity and submitted its opinion regarding the issue to the parliament. The legal opinion reiterated that July 2010 amendments to the Law on Secondary Education of Georgia posed serious challenges to children’s rights. Furthermore, the opinion noted that Mandaturis’ work at all types of secondary and higher education institutions should not be based on amendments to the Law on Secondary Education.

It falls beyond the scope of the Law of Georgia on Secondary Education. Furthermore, schools that are designated as legal entities of private commercial or non-commercial (non-profit) of private law should have autonomy to choose their own means for ensuring safe environment for health, life and property (click here to view the full text of GYLA’s legal opinion).