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Eka Mishveladze wins the court dispute against “Public Broadcaster”

2019-04-15 15:39
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The Supreme Court considered the cassation complaint of LEPL - ,,Public Broadcaster’’ to be inadmissible and that has finalized the 3-year-dispute between Ekaterine Mishveladze and the Public Broadcaster. GYLA had advocated for Eka  Mishveladze`s interests.

The courts of all three instances ruled that the ,,Public Broadcaster’’ had illegally dismissed Ekaterine Mishveladze. The Supreme Court fully agreed with the assessments of Lower Courts and said that the ,,Public Broadcaster’’ failed in employing all available means to provide Eka Mishveladze with alternative work and neither the absence of such tools has been proved.

The court pointed out that Eka Mishveladze had anchored social-political programs. After the TV show ,,First Studio’’ was closed, four new programs with social-political plots were passed on the ,,Public Broadcaster.’’ While the Public Broadcaster needed anchors of the corresponding direction, it chose the new candidates not through the contest, but on its own. The Supreme Court found it inappropriate that the employer had not given the priority to Ekaterine Mishveladze, who held the TV hostess position on the ground of the permanent labor agreement.

According to the court decision, the ,,Public Broadcaster’’ is posed to paying compensation in favor of Ekaterine Mishveladze.