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The Constitutional Court partially satisfied the complaint of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association

Since July the Constitutional Court has been discussing the joint complaint of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association and the organization Article 42 of the Constitution. The case concerned article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code and article 212 of the Civil Procedure Code according to which the judge was entitled to make the final judgment on the arrest of a person without an oral hearing in case he/she violated court order or expressed contempt of a court. 

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The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association has the new Chairman

We are pleased to announce that the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association has the new Chairman. On November 10, GYLA board elected the new chairman: Mr. Giorgi Chkheidze and the deputy chairperson Ms. Lali Chkhetia. According to GYLA statute a chairman is elected by the Board from its members for one year term. A person can not be elected as a chairman for more than two terms. Ms. Anna Dolidze served as GYLA chairperson in 2004-2006. 

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Observation Mission of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association on the Local Self-Government Elections

By the financial aid of the German Embassy, the British Embassy and the Embassy of Netherlands as well as the European Union, the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association implemented monitoring of the local elections in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi. The report concerns violations and activities carried out during the polling day.

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The staff member of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association is threatened

Today, the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association arranged a briefing in GYLA/Rustavi office. The topic of discussion was “Deficiencies during pre-election agitations in Georgian regions”. Lela Bekauri, employer of GYLA/Rustavi office also appeared at the briefing together with GYLA chairperson. Some hours latter from the press-conference a stranger called her on the phone threatening and insulting her. At the briefing Lela Bekauri pointed out those deficiencies which appeared in election office of the Rustavi majoritarian candidate Lela Aptsiauri. Population received there vouchers worth to 37 kilowatts of electricity. It was declared that Leila Aptisuri was so generous as to give the vouchers to socially vulnerable families as a part of her pre-election campaign. Lela Bekauri was a person who revealed the mentioned deficiency. The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association asks for independent and impartial investigation and punishment of the persons who implement such pressure. Obviously, if the government fails to react on such actions it will be suspected in covering of the offenders.

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OPCAT and Georgian Civil Society

Georgian civil society has called on the state authorities to be included in the process of implementing OPCAT in the country. On 18 July 16 different Georgian NGOs gathered at a round-table meeting in Tbilisi to discuss their involvement in this process. The meeting, which was co-sponsored by Penal Reform International’s Tbilisi Regional Office and the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, resulted in a declaration, in which Georgian civil society urged the Georgian authorities to work closely with them to discuss the establishment of a national detention monitoring mechanism as well as to nominate suitable candidates to the international Subcommittee on Prevention. The APT also attended this event in order to give a presentation on the possible models and practices which Georgia might learn from other countries. The visit was the second by the APT to Tbilisi in 2006 to assist the OPCAT implementation process. It is envisaged that a follow-up meeting will take place in Tbilisi in September 2006, which the APT will attend.

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The new draft and unlimited powers to the president

By the third hearing the Parliament of Georgia adopted a draft on State Procurements. According to the draft the law on State Procurements should not apply to procurements implemented by the Presidential Fund and/or for covering cost of presidential events. The draft confers unlimited powers to the President of Georgia, however, it is not the first attempt. The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association criticized the draft submitted to the Parliament by the government’s initiative already in May 2006.

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The New National Anti-Torture System is being Established

In 2002 United Nations Organization adopted the Optional Protocol of the UN Convention against Torture, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment and Punishment. The aim of the Optional Protocol is to establish the new system that will enable international and local organizations to visit on regular bases detained and arrested persons in pre-trial detention facilities and penitentiary institutions. Such visits will decrease their torture, inhuman and degrading treatment.

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GYLA Filed a Constitutional Complaint

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association filed a constitutional complaint. The case concerns article 208 of the Criminal Code. Lately judges frequently apply to article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code and sentence citizens to administrative detention for violating of the order in the court. For instance on June 22 the judge Giorgi Chemia sentenced Vakhtang Masurashvili to administrative detention for 20 days. Based on the mentioned article representatives of the Equality Institute were also sentenced to 30 days of administrative detention.

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The Case Was Ruled in Favor of Maestro Vakhtang Machavaraini

By GYLA assistance the Georgian Ministry of Culture, Sport and Historic Monuments’ Protection became obliged to compensate salary (worth to 1,5 year) in favor of maestro Vakhtang Machavariani. According to the judgment of the Administrative Board of Tbilisi City Court Vakhtang Machavariani’s complaint against the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Historic Monuments’ Protection has been satisfied. The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association represented the applicant.  By the court judgment the order of the Georgian Ministry of Culture, Sport and Historic Monuments’ protection in regard to dismissing him from the occupied position was invalidated. The Ministry became obliged to issue the new order indicating that Vakhtang Machavariani’s personal application was the ground for his dismissing.  Moreover, for failure to issue work certificate according to article 98 of the Labor Code the Ministry has to compensate Machavariani’s salary from June 15.2004 until January 30.2006.

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The Constitutional Court did not satisfy constitutional claim of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association.

By its judgment (July 14.2006) the Constitutional Court did not satisfy GYLA claim in regard to constitutionality of the norms of the “Georgian Customs’ Code” (in relation to articles 24 and 41 of the Constitution). According to the disputed norms documents transferred to customs’ agencies are considered commercial secret. By the rendered judgment Constitutional Court challenged all the achievements of the Administrative Code. The Court considered, that public agencies might have commercial secret:“According to article 8 of the Civil Code, any natural or legal person may be a subject of private law relations which are regulated by the Civil Code.”

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