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Prosecutor's Office filed a charge against the victim of physical and psychological violence with the purpose of extortion

2019-11-07 12:20
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The Prosecutor's Office has charged a person who has a dispute on physical and psychological violence against him with the purpose of extortion. According to the explanation of Tengiz Ergemlidze, on June 12th, 2018, his ex-business partners took him in the basement of a house and during 3 hours they executed physical pressure with the purpose of money extortion (using electroshock and plastic cable ties, beatings), as well as the psychological pressure (threatening with the rape and the life and health of his family members).  As a result of the executed pressure, Tengiz Ergemlidze was forced to sign a document confirming the 60,000 $ loan. After signing the document on loan recognition, they took off his shirt (which had the traces of electroshock and his torture), they put on him another shirt and brought him home themselves. On the way, he has been threatened with the influential contacts in the event of disclosure of the incident, and in case of reporting to the police, they threatened to kill him.

Upon returning home, Tengiz Ergemlidze consulted with a lawyer and contacted 112. On the basis of his notification, the Tbilisi Police Department of Vake-Saburtalo District 4 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation. The investigation is in progress with essential violations under Article 181 (extortion) of the Criminal Code. Among other things, they have not conducted the procedure of removal of patrol police cameras who were summoned on the scene, as well as the examination of relevant witnesses, etc. Instead of investigating the case thoroughly, objectively and impartially, the Prosecutor's Office filed a charge against Tengiz Ergemlidze with an offense under Part 126 (beating) of the Criminal Code. The case is currently pending consideration in Tbilisi City Court.

GYLA considers that Tengiz Ergemlidze was charged with the groundless, insufficient evidence, which raises suspicions that the Prosecutor's Office is acting biased.

GYLA calls Tbilisi Vake-Saburtalo Prosecutor's Office:

- Actions against Tengiz Ergemlidze should be given a proper legal assessment and the timely investigation should be carried out which would be effective, objective and impartial;

- Immediate criminal prosecution should be launched against all persons involved in the unlawful acts against Tengiz Ergemlidze;

- The groundless criminal prosecution against Tengiz Ergemlidze should be suspended.