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Statement of the Civil Organizations of Georgia

2008-08-20 20:00
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The events that have been taking place in Georgia in August 2008 have been unanimously recognized by the civilized world as Russia’s open military aggression against Georgia.  Russia decided to punish the small neighboring county, which has been striving to become a modern developed state.   Despite the military aggression of an unthinkable scale Georgia refused to give up such values as freedom, statehood, rule of law, civil society and democratic governance.

Georgia’s aspiration to be a part of Europe is not a self-fulfilling goal.  This is the only way for our country to establish real democracy, to save and develop Georgian society and statehood.  Democratic development is a precondition for achieving welfare and justice in our society.
Today we have to remember that we have already passed the most critical period of the recent developments.  Right now a key battle is taking place in our minds.  Our resistance to the existing situation and civil solidarity are preconditions for ensuring that Russian occupational troops leave Georgia in the nearest future.

There is no time for judgment right now. Today the entire society has to unite to achieve a single objective – to force Russian occupational forces out of Georgia.  Time will come for open discussions and analysis of the recent developments, which will lead us to the conclusions on how our country should develop in the future.

Today we, representatives of the civil society have to

• Get organized for assisting the people who suffered as a result of the assault.  We have to demonstrate our solidarity and sympathy with individuals who have been displaced;

• Remain calm and confident and demonstrate civil dignity.

No weapon can defeat people’s resistance and sense of dignity.

Our unity and solidarity are preconditions for future success of the Georgian state.

1.    Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association
2.    Open Society Georgia Foundation
3.    Civil Development Agency CiDA
4.    Civil Participation Centre
5.    Civil Development Institute
6.    National Network Against Violence
7.    Women Club Peoni
8.    Article 42 of the Constitution
9.    Caucasus Environment NGOs Network
10.    Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development
11.    Civil Council
12.    ICCN
13.    Union “21st Century”
14.    Multinational Georgia
15.    Regional Environmental Center of Caucasus
16.    Dusheti Women Initiative Centre
17.    Centre for Protection of Constitutional Rights
18.    Guria Youth Resource Centre
19.    Association Sachino
20.    Georgia Psycho-social aid association Ndoba
21.    Ozurgeti Young Teachers Union
22.    Human Harmonic Development Support Society
23.    Georgia Young Scientists’ Development Centre
24.    Liberty Institute
25.    Journalistic centre “Discover Georgia”
26.    Forest Researchers Union
27.    Consulting and Training Centre CTC
28.    International Association ”Civitas Georgica”
29.    International Association ”Curatio”
30.    Youth Association Droni
31.    National Council of Youth Organizations of Georgia
32.    International Network for Civil Development
33.    Georgian Technical University Students Union
34.    Youth Non-formal Education centre Mziani Sakhli
35.    Youth development Support Agency Compas
36.    Georgian Association of Education Initiatives
37.    Intercultural Relationships Youth  Centre
38.    Caucasus Environmental Protection  Youth Network 
39.    Georgian Association of Young Medical Workers
40.    Youth Foundation for Orphans Support
41.    National Association of Protection from Violence
42.    Youth Development Centre
43.    Peace and Development Academy
44.    Youth Alternative
45.    Georgian Falcons
46.    Association Mkurnali
47.    AISI
48.    Strategic Research and Development Centre
49.    ALPE
50.    Association “Flore and Fauna”
51.    Transparency International Georgia
52.    Economical Education Development Centre
53.    Georgia Nature Lovers Society
54.    Deloitte and Touch Georgia representation
Georgia Civil Society Organisations Statement