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GYLA calls on MPs to support the transition to the proportional electoral system by 2020

2019-11-13 14:02
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On June 24, 2019, the chairman of the ruling party promised to make constitutional amendments and to hold a proportional system of 2020 parliamentary elections (under natural barriers) on the background of ongoing political crisis. GYLA welcomed the decision and called on the authorities to defend it firmly.


Yesterday after a wide public debate and a wide-ranging discussion, the legislative body started and continues to discuss constitutional amendments at a plenary session until now. Until now, all political groups supported the changes. However, the process shows that there is a critical mass of MPs in the ruling team who support the majoritarian component and are ready to threaten the reform.


Considering that the mixed electoral system is a major obstacle to the development of Georgian democracy, GYLA had observed and is observing current processes with attention. We have heard arguments against change and we want to make it clear: given the current context, they do not have the theoretical basis to outweigh the benefits of having a 2020 parliamentary election by a proportional system (a natural barrier).


GYLA calls on the members of the Parliament of Georgia to keep the promises made to the public and to support the draft constitutional law.