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Detention on allegedly political grounds

2016-09-12 15:45
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On August 23, at 12 A.M., members of the youth organization of the UNM, first Mikheil Lukhava and then Aleksandre Adamia together with his underage cousin, were detained in the street. As one of the detainees pointed out in a conversation with GYLA representatives, after determining the age of his cousin, police officers got him off the car, and transferred the rest of the detainees first to the patrol police station and then to the criminal police office. They were finally taken to the drug test center of Senaki where the young people refused to take a urine test. The detainees were released 12 hours after the detention. Their rights are being protected by Beka Basilaia, a majoritarian candidate of the UNM.  

In a conversation with GYLA monitors, Mr. Basilaia noted that the detention of the young people was unlawful and that by such acts the authorities were trying to interfere with his election campaign.    

At this stage, GYLA is studying the materials of the administrative case and will release the results as soon as they become available.