Call for Expert Teams or Organizations


To Conduct EU Funded Project Evaluation and Expenditure verification report


  1. Introduction:

One of the leading human rights organizations in Georgia – GYLA is looking for qualified teams of experts or organizations, to conduct final project evaluation of its work and to provide analysis of its work.


  1. Cause and Objective of the Evaluation:

The goal of the external evaluation is to observe the progress of achieving project objectives. The evaluation should assess the project, its results so far and prepare an expenditure verification report.



  1. Project Passport:

Project title: Providing Access to Protection for the Victims of SGBV/DV and Strengthening Protection Mechanisms

Donor: EU

Project dates: November 2/2016 – April 2/2019


Project objectives:


1: Promoting institutional, systematic and practical access of the victims and their family members to the effective legal protection.

2: Provide immediate physical protection and health/psychological rehabilitation to the victims through offering Shelters, Crisis Centers and Rehabilitation Centers.

3: Socio-economic empowerment of victims to lead independent lives from perpetrators.

4: Promote awareness of the victims, their family members and perpetrators, about the rights and protection mechanisms, to build protection networks and resilience towards DV/SGBV and child marriages (abuse) in Georgia.

5: Creation of the coordination and referral mechanism among the key stakeholders operating within the prevention and response to SGBV/DV.


Project’s geographical coverage:

The project is implemented in 9 locations: 8 regional offices of GYLA – Kutaisi, Ozurgeti, Batumi, Zugdidi, Telavi, Gori, Rustavi, Dusheti and in the capital – Tbilisi.

Project budget: 457 317 EUR


  1. Task Description:

Selected team of experts/organization will be requested to perform analysis of GYLA’s project and conduct expenditure verification report.


  1. Technical description of the deliverables:

The report, provided by the selected expert team/organization must comply with the following technical criteria:

1. About 30 pages long;

2. Normal margins;

3. Font 11 Calibri;

4. Single spacing;

5. Provided in Georgian and English.


  1. Methodology:

The analysis, performed by the expert team/organization must include diversity of research methods/triangulation and cover at least the following elements:

1. Desk research (Project reports, conducted activities);

2. Interviews and/or focus groups (with selected beneficiaries, staff, management);

3. Quantitative research (visibility on media, etc.);

4. Expenditure verification report in compliance with international standards (ISA) and donor agreement.

Prior to submitting the final report, the expert team/organization must undergo the review of the draft together with GYLA’s management/experts.


  1. Team requirements:

Applicants must propose the team of at least 3 persons, each with at least 5 years of progressive experience working with NGOs and providing relevant services.

Applicants must have no conflict of interest or political affiliations or other restrictions that might negatively affect the quality of the performance.


  1. Timeline:

The final report must be submitted no later than June 30.  The report must be submitted in English.


  1. How to submit applications:

In order to participate in the call for proposals, please submit Application Package to the following e-mail:, Deadline: 22 May 2019, 18:00 pm.

In the subject of e-mail, please indicate:  GYLAP ROJECT EVALUATION

Application Package must include:

A) Cover page (brief description of team/organization qualifications, total requested budget, total requested time and key advantage of the applicant);

B) One-pager description of proposed methodology and timeline;

C) One-pager description of team members and their qualifications;

D) Detailed CVs of team members;

E) Excel sheet with detailed break-down of requested budget and detailed costs (with justifications explaining amounts and rates).

Formats for these attachments are free for the applicant to define.

Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


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