The construction company of Namokhvani HPP has not appeared in court for the second time

Today, on 21st April, at 12:00, the Tskaltubo Magistrate Court has considered a case of administrative violation due to violation of several conditions set by the Environmental Decision against the company "ENKA Renewables". The decision on the case will be announced by the Tskaltubo Magistrate Court on April 28, at 12:00.

In the same case, on March 10, 2021, the trial was postponed once again due to failure to appear at the court without reasonable cause of the construction company of the Namokhvani HPP Cascade. The representative of the company "ENKA Renewables" did not appear at the court hearing again and did not submit any document proving his/her absence for a good reason.

Without the company's participation, the court considered the administrative violation protocol # 0652417 drawn up in accordance with the first part of Article 798 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Georgia.

At the trial, the representative of the Department of Environmental Supervision of the State Subordinate Entity of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia pointed out that the "Enka Renewables" LLC has failed to fulfill conditions specified  in the Environmental Decision issued on the basis of the order of the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia on February 28, 2020 # 2-91 and the conclusion of the ecological expertise and presented the relevant evidence.

The court session was attended by the lawyers of the GYLA Kutaisi branch and the plaintiff Marita Museliani.

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